01 junio 2010

Inside my head there lives a dream that I want to see in the sun. Behind my eyes there lives a me that I've been hiding for much too long 'cause I've been, too afraid to let it show, 'cause I'm scared of the judgment that may follow always putting off my living for tomorrow. It's time to step out on faith, I've gotta show my face. It's been elusive for so long, but freedom is mine today. I've gotta step out on faith, It's time to show my face. Procrastination had me down but look what I have found, I found.
Strength, courage, and wisdom and it's been inside of me all along.
Behind my pride there lives a me, that knows humility. Inside my voice there is a soul, and in my soul there is a voice but I've been, too afraid to make a choice 'cause I'm scared of the things that I might be missing, running too fast to stop and listen.
I close my eyes and I think of all the things that I want to see 'cause I know, now that. I've opened up my heart I know that anything I want can be, so let it be, so let it be...

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